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Farla is here to offer support for all managers looking for continuous professional development. Through mentoring and relevant management news, we are here to raise the bar.

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Why Farla?

We know that managing people is hard. We've been there.

And we know there is only so much an employer can invest in learning and development. Mentoring is a key contributor to professional success and we believe everyone who manages people should have access to a mentor.

Let's face it, many people go into management for career progression, not because they love managing people. Farla offers the support that every manager can benefit from, helping them be the best they can.

A strong manager builds strong teams. Strong teams deliver quality products and services. Quality products and services leads to happy customers. It's just wins everywhere!


Lori Dermer

I’ve been in management throughout my entire career connected to mentors every step of the way. I’m passionate about getting the most out of people and to that end, having worked with some excellent managers and many average managers, I’ve learned that for managers to be their best, they need ongoing, real and honest support, something I’ve always had from her mentors.

A lifelong networker, I’ve founded Farla, a network and management platform for people who manage people. Managers have traditionally not had all the support they need. Farla is here to change that once and for all.

Advisory Board

Chief Strategy Officer at Customer Acquisition and Retention

Nathalie Belanger


Spends excessive time in new grocery stores

Planning on 24 hours in Manahattan (no sleep), enjoying what each part of the day has in store

IT Director, Ecommerce and Guest Facing Apps at Ulta Beauty IT

Taral Desai

Nature explorer

Travels to new continents and then cooks their specialities. Reading when not watching a movie

Vice President of Professional Services at Insurity Revenue Generation

Luigi Friio

Funny man

Hangs in the art section of the book store

Waves as he casually drives by on his Vespa

Chief Financial and Operating Officer at Zoom Finance

Brian Lindy

Adventurous bean counter

Catch him in awesome Halloween costumes or throwing axes

Head, Commercial Law and Compliance, Canada at Bristol-Myers Squibb Legal

Joanie Schwartz

Fitness junkie

All business until you turn on the music, then she WILL start dancing