For people who are hiring and people who are looking

Farla recruits and supports hiring managers and candidates to build on continuous professional development. Our purpose is to deliver quality candidates to our clients and to provide ultimate support to hiring manager and candidates. We find there are many shortcomings in the area of recruitment and candidate support. We are here to raise the bar. Period.

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Why Farla?

We are good at what we do

We know what we don't do well (the list is long), BUT we know our business and how to do right by our clients, our partners, our colleagues and the candidates we meet.

We work, in good faith, to make valuable business connections when employers are looking to fill positions.

We have a reputation for being honest, direct and helpful. We come from businesses (big and small), have managed people and P&L. With that, we put our experiences to good use at Farla.

President and Founder

Lori Dermer

I tripped in to recruiting many years ago due to a strong network and being someone people often rely on as a resource.

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to do the work I do, including partnering with interesting businesses and meeting terrific people at every turn. You know how people say 'when you love what you do you won't work a day in your life'? Well, I love what I do but I work every.single day. Is there something I don't know??

A lifelong networker, I started Farla to solve what I saw as problems in recruitment, candidate management and support for managers. I felt it was time to raise the bar on all of these fronts. In doing so, everyone wins.

The Farla Team

Senior Associate Team Farla

Arlene Star

World traveler

Treats everyone like family

LOVES speaking to people and learning their stories

Senior Associate Team Farla

Carmela Vespa

Will make you laugh

Born to manage, and will always find 'fair'

Fiercely committed to employee development

If you want to get something done....find her

Senior Associate Team Farla

Stephen Springer

Die hard Habs fan

Quietly delivers top notch services

Entrepreneurial Engineer

Advisory Board

Senior Marketing Consultant Customer Acquisition and Retention

Nathalie Belanger


Spends excessive time in new grocery stores

Planning on 24 hours in Manhattan (no sleep), enjoying what each part of the day has in store

IT Director Store Systems Enterprise Mobility, Legal , Loss Prevention , Growth and Development at Ulta Beauty IT

Taral Desai

Nature explorer

Travels to new continents and then cooks their specialities

Reading when not watching a movie

Vice President of Professional Services at Tecsys Revenue Generation

Luigi Friio

Funny man

Hangs in the art section of the book store

Waves as he casually drives by on his Vespa

Chief Financial and Operating Officer at Zoom Finance

Brian Lindy

Adventurous bean counter

Catch him in awesome Halloween costumes or throwing axes

Corporate Counsel, Biogen Canada Legal

Joanie Schwartz

Fitness junkie

All business until you turn on the music, then she WILL start dancing