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...and we know the complexities. That’s what sets us apart. We bring years of management experience to help you build your best team. We take our commitment to you – our client – very seriously. We have excellent references. We are a boutique firm working primarily with SMBs. Our fees reflect our client's budgets. They don't want to spend a lot on recruiting. We get it. Let's talk. Like now. Seriously, why wait? (we're also loads of fun!)

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If there is a budgeted, open position, every day it isn't filled, an employer cannot achieve its goals. We get it. We are motivated by one thing - to make high quality introductions of candidates to employer. We get to know our clients, their business and how they define success for any given position. Our style resonates with the clients and candidates we work with. We also laugh a lot. If you don't like to laugh, working with us will be tricky.

The Farla Difference

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Our Tenacious Approach

More on our tenacious approach...coming soon!

Our Sense of Humour

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“Thank you for reaching out and being so on top of your game, you really offer a level of service far superior to anyone I have ever worked with in this space. Please let me know where I can leave reviews for your work, as it was exceptional.”Blake, TX

Flat Fee And No Guarantee!

Our clients asked for this model... who were we to say no? Businesses know how to hire, and don't want to pay more for a guarantee. Fine by us! Sometimes it is hard to find candidates and time is of the essense. That’s where we come in. Between our network and our tenacious approach to finding a needle in a haystack, we become an extension of your hiring team when needed. If we feel we can't help you, we will say so. We have a partnership mentality and we are happy to refer where we can!