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Have we got services for you! Our expertise comes from years in management, hiring high quality teams, coupled with even more years of recruiting and mentoring. It sounds like we're each 186 years old...but we're not! We're younger. Like much younger. Also, we are hyper current on the job market at all times.

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Topics Include:

  • How to best present yourself on Linkedin/resume
  • What positions to apply to?
  • How to get an employer's attention
  • Making an impression in your interview(s)
  • Discussing compensation
  • Showing up day 1
  • Ensuring success in the new role
“Wow. Really, Wow! I wasn't sure what to expect. I am interested in managing my career and as a new grad, what I have been able to learn is so helpful!”Michelle C.

We are seasoned managers here to make job searching easier! Doesn't everyone deserve that?

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"I want to thank you for accompanying me through my job search. You have been amazing! I will be sure to share your contact info with anyone looking to make a career move. It was a true pleasure working with you." JL (Management, 25 years in the workforce)

Services offered

Job Search Advising

How position yourself in a search Learn what ALL businseses are looking for Interview with clear purpose


Feeling stuck on your job? Let's get you orgainzed to move forward....whether a lateral move or an upward move

New grad

Looking for your first full time position? Fun! Bring us along for the ride...we will help get you organized and set you apart from other new grads