Candidates available

Great people come our way on a regular basis. All kinds of people! People who are serious contributors, who successfully manage P&Ls, who are just starting their career with excellent customer service skills... we really do know some fine people! Below are some of the folks ready to make a move. Any look interesting to you? If so, just let us know. Let's see if we can make something good happen!


  • Montreal based
  • Very solid. Good guy
  • Best suited to SMB
  • Comp approx 225
  • Experience with several industries
  • Stays a nice amount of time at each place

Senior Bus Dev/Sales

Ready to carry your company toward its vision

Concensus builder

Best suited to a med size business

Boundless energy

Very personable


Experience in several sectors

Inside Sales

  • Montreal based
  • Fluently bilingual 
  • Many years of experience with a company we all know!
  • Making a change due to company being sold...time for next
  • Terrific personality
  • Will be a stellar ambassador to your business
  • Salary 85k range

Senior Accounting Technician

Ready for growth

CPA in the making


Montreal based

Strong Excel skills

Fine for in-office

Salary 60k


  • HIGH-quality students (Canada and US)
  • Able to help with Sales (BDR work), admin, Social Media, Customer Support
  • Contract work (less overhead for you!)

We have an exceptional group of young people who we help develop behind the scenes. Then they send us their friends, and we meet even more of them. When we say these kids are good - we really mean it!

Contractors (we do a lot of this!)

Students, early career, mid-career, too young to retire...

We have a superb network of people who like contract work

Some are available full time, others just part time

If you need to get stuff done and don't need an 'employee'....think CONTRACTOR

We help figure out a fair hourly rate for a win/win