Mentor, Mentee or Business? We have the Solution for you!

We make mentoring possible for managers and those looking towards management down the road. Don't have management in mind? We will work with you as well! We make mentoring available to people who want someone championing them along as they navigate their career. You in?

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For Mentors: Strengthening management

Being a mentor through Farla means sharing your leadership experience, helping managers thrive and enhancing your personal brand.

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What’s in it for Mentors?


Unique opportunity to network with other mentors within the community, who are, right off the bat, like-minded leaders.


Employers, employees, investors and customers want to work with leaders. As a mentor, you are recognized and appreciated as a leader.


Mentors gain an automatic reference - someone else who can attest to their leadership and commitment who typically has nothing directly to gain from the mentor’s career journey.

How does it work?

We speak to you regarding your expertise and mentoring goals. You are then added to our database and introduced to mentees who are looking for what you offer. Once the introduction is made, you guys take it from there! Simple.

What is the time Commitment?

We offer guidelines for the roles of both mentor and mentee. After a ‘get to know you’ session, we suggest mentors and mentees plan detailed catch ups throughout the year in addition to the small check-ins that creep up along the way when quick questions come up.

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“As a mentor, I love sharing my relevant experience and working through challenges my mentees face in their day to day. Through Farla I have met a terrific young manager who is keen to learn, grow and bring the best he’s got to his team”Paula Levy, Chief Strategy Office, Demand Worldwide

For Mentees: Support your personal growth

Farla matches you with a mentor to enhance your experience, goals and personality, who can support you as you navigate your career in management.

I Want a Mentor!

What can I expect?


Invaluable ongoing personal learning and development. Your mentor is committed to working with you to build your management strength. You and your mentor have something key in common: investing in professional growth.


Our mentors are experienced and share the real deal. Get ready for transparency which includes the good, bad, hilarious, absurd and anything in between.


You work with your mentor based on what suits your schedules. In person, email, phone, video or a mix of all. You both commit to reasonable participation follow-up and support.

Climb the ladder

Get appropriate recognition from your bosses, partners and other business leaders, by becoming better at managing your own team more effectively, driving better results.

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“"OMG - this is so needed! Thank you for what you are doing, I think it's amazing!"”Tetyana Tsomko, Pedagogical Advisor for IT Programs, Champlain College

Get your business involved

Companies who invest in their management get better performance from their team and a higher retention ratio.

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How can I partner up with Farla?


Show your support for mentorship by becoming a sponsor of Farla's activities.

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Enroll your managers on the platform to get them access to the best mentors.

Content Co-Creation

Partner with Farla to bring its mentors and mentees compelling content.

Raise the bar for your company's management

Invest in the future of your company by nurturing your managements' skills.

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“As a VP of HR, I appreciate the enormous value of managers having a mentor. Managers, teams and businesses all benefit”Patricia Barry , Vice President Human Resources, Tecsys