I would like a mentor, what's involved?

  • You either manage people or want to manage people. Does that describe you?
  • Interested mentees contact us to discuss goals.
  • Mentees are added to our database and we work to find the right mentor, at which point we make introductions.
  • Mentees pay a small fee of $100. Everyone invests! Mentors invest their time, farla manages the network and mentees contribute to support the program.

As a mentee, what should I expect?

  • Open, honest discussions with your mentor.
  • Being engaged in your meetings and respectful of your mentor's time.
  • Appropriate recognition from your bosses, partners and other business leaders given you are committed to your development.
  • Another professional reference from someone who can attest to your leadership growth.
  • A team who you are able to manage more effectively and by extention delivers better results.