Lori Dermer has been in management throughout her career connected to mentors every step of the way. Lori is passionate about getting the most out of people and to that end, having worked with some excellent managers and many average managers, Lori learned that for managers to be their best, they need ongoing, real and honest support…something she always had from her mentors.

A lifelong networker, Lori founded farla, a network and management platform for people who manage people. Managers have traditionally not had all the support they need. Farla is here to change that once and for all.

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What about the logo?

Farla logo
  • We know nothing about design so we got help.
  • One design had a bar above the name.
  • We saw that as a sign.
  • YES! We are raising the bar on management.
  • Another design had a period after farla.
  • We saw that as another sign.
  • YES! We are raising the bar on management.
  • PERIOD! favicon